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12 Enterprises Awarded for Outstanding Labour Relations Management

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The Department of Labour Protection and Welfare has bestowed awards to 12 Thai enterprises with outstanding labour relations management to acknowledge their effort to promote mutual partnership between employers and employees and fair benefit sharing in a bid to promote good labour relations management in Thai private and state-owned enterprises.


Ms. PanneeSriyudhsak, Director-General of the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, said the Labour Relations Management Model Awards of Thailand is developed from the award bestowed to enterprises for outstanding labour relations and welfare. The awards honor best practice utilized by enterprises in managing labour relations, which emphasizes the application of innovation to establish a labour relations management body, especially the development of clear labour relations policy and action plan. Such the practice promotes mutual partnership, dialogue and negotiation between employers and employees, who shall share their future target and learn to give, compromise and forgive. It also promotes appropriate and fair benefit sharing between employers and employees, which help reduce risk of dispute and enhance cooperation, thus, becoming a national strength which should help attract foreign investment, create good perception toward Thailand and make the country a role model for other ASEAN member countries. In addition, consumers shall have confidence in products and services which are produced by cooperation between employers and employees, who adhere to the principle of honesty, which promotes the effectiveness of labour relations management and deserves applause.


Ms. Pannee said the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare held the award-giving ceremony to bestow the Labour Relations Management Model Awards of Thailand on Friday 9 September 2016 at Venus Room, the Miracle Grand Convention Hotel. The ceremony, which was the first of its kind, had the objective to promote awareness of employers and employees about labour relations management, praise them for being a role model for other ASEAN member countries and advance the development of labour relations management in private and state-owned enterprises. The awards were given to enterprises in 17 important categories. A total of 53 enterprises applied for the awards and 12 of them qualified. They consisted of 9 private enterprises and 3 state-owned enterprises. The 12 winner enterprises shall become a role model in labour relations management for organizations from both Thailand and other countries.

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