Canceling submission of work rules for ease of doing business.

According to the World Bank’s report on ranking on ease of doing business, Thailand was ranked 46th from the total of 190 countries. Although the government has committed to improve and address the problem of doing business by establishing measures to speed up the development of procedures of work and services in different sectors in accordance with the World Bank’s report, it is found that there are significant difficulties due to the complexities and complications of laws, regulations, and rules. Accordingly, some certain provisions of laws have to be revised or amended in order to support and facilitate the doing business, which would lead to Thailand’s better rank in the next round of the World Bank’ assessment, as well as higher competitiveness of the country, and more investment attractiveness. Eventually, economic reform and stability of the country would be benefited.

By virtue of 44 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand (Interim), 2014, the Head of the National Council for Peace and Order, by the consent of the National Council for Peace and Order, has issued an Order No. 21/2560 on Law Amendment for the Ease of Doing Business dated 4 April 2017. The order requires an employer who has 10 employees or more to provide work rules in Thai. The work rules must contain at least particulars on working days, normal working time, rest periods, holidays, rules of taking holidays, rules governing overtime and holiday work, the date and place of payment of wages, overtime pay, holiday pay, holiday overtime pay, leave and rules of the taking leave, discipline and disciplinary measures, lodging of grievances, termination of employment, severance pay and special severance pay. The employer must announce the work rules within 15 days of the date the employer employs 10 or more employees; always keep a copy of the work rules at the place of business or the employer’s office; and distribute and post the work rules in a prominent position in the workplace available for employees to know and read. In the case of an amendment to the work rules, the employer must announce such amended work rules within 7 days from the date of application of the amended work rules. The employer is no longer required to deliver a copy of the work rules to the Director-General of the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare or a person entrusted by the Director-General.

Download this file (349-1.pdf)349-1.pdf[Order of National Council for Peace No. 21/2017 re: Law Revision for the Ease of Doing Business.]205 kB

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