TLS: Means to support labourer not to be infringed

EU identified Thailand on the illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing.

The U.S. also ranked Thailand situation of trafficking in persons as Tier 3 due to Thailand's failure to comply with the minimum standards of the U.S. laws and have less effort to solve the concerning problems which the U.S. can further suspend any assistance which is not the humanity and commercial interests.

Finnwatch and Swedewatch accerelated Sweden to revise the import of Thailand poutry products which they claimed they were made from labourer which their rights have been violated.

Labour issue attacks Thailand from every side of the world with the accusation that Thailand is vilolating the international labour standards. The questions are; Did the entrepreneur do as they accused?, or what is Thai Government doing?

The fact is Thailand still be in this world. Should the entrepreneurs announce not to sell with the ones who accused, it does not improve the image of the goods. Therefore, whether they did what they accused, Thai government is doing something, a mean to certify for the brand using labour force in producing without labour infringement, TLS (Thai Labour Standard).

What is TLS?  How does it solve the accusation?

Many entrepreneurs know TLS. Some may say it is not necessary “at the moment”. But, how do you know if anyone see the same type of goods not produced by your enterprise but produced by others whose their workers' rights were violated.

TLS is the labour standards which should be certified by the producer for the brand that has to use labour force in the production without labour infringement

What does TLS consist of?

Since TLS is a labour standard, the key attributes of TLS are the requirements of standards concerning labour according to labour laws and internationally recognized labour standards, together with the corporate social responsibility concepts. The example of requirements are forced labour, working remuneration, hours of work, discrimination, discipline and penalty, child labour, woman labour, freedom of association and collective bargaining, occupational safety, health, and environment, and labour welfare etc.

Some requirements are regulated by labour laws, and some are internationally recognized labour standards.

Why a buyer should pay attention to TLS?

Generally, a buyer wants to get good quality of goods and reasonable price. But the concepts change when time changes, only quality and price is not enough for buyer today. New buyers concern about background of goods they are going to buy whether they are eco-friendly, whether they were produced by deforestation, whether they used of laboratory animals, etc.  This is because buyers do not want to destroy nature and environment for the goods thay are going to consume. Labour rights violation is another issue that the buyer care about. If they know that the goods thay are going to buy made from any form of labour rights violation, they will not be comfortable to buy those goods.

On this matter, buyer should protect themselves and also labour by investigating whether TLS is certified by the producer since it will be guranteed by the government that the producer produced such goods without labour rights violation
What does a producer get from TLS?

No entertainment, no stamps, no free goods as premium, no cash coupon, no low interest rate credit, no tax deduction, and some cost for it. However, what the business will get are occupational accidental rate decreasing, good realationship between the entrepreneurs and the workers, reducing conflicts in the workplaces, awareness on social community and good governance is developed by integrating in to business policy. Moreover, business will comply to the labour laws. Hence, certification of TLS can be attached to the brand that no violation to the labour on the product. Most of all, no more accusation of violation on labour rights as it is.
To compare with investment in capital market, no TLS is alike investing in high revenue stock, which is quite risk, but investing in TLS is like investing in government bond, which is not as risk as the previous one, though it does not return benefits in a sudden, but it has long-term return on investment because it is guaranteed by the government.
How do we start with TLS?

You can get the answer from the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare via hotline 1546.

“Comply to the labour laws, and TLS will be easy for all.”


Department of Labour Protection and Welfare
149 Mitmaitri Rd., Dindaeng, Bangkok 10400
Hotline 1506 Ext.3, e-Mail:

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