The Development of Labour Administration for the Strengthening of Trade Cooperation in ASEAN Community Program

The ASEAN Community’s free trade will be entirely opened in 2015, which will lead to the expansion of economics, trade, in the context of manufacture and exportation, from the result of tariff and non-tariff measures change, the free flow of goods, services and skilled workers under mutual agreement framework which promotes the movement of skilled workers, the development of transportation and logistics, the improvement of quality of products and services, etc. The formation of ASEAN Community will expand ASEAN market size and stipulate internal and external investment which helps to increase employment rate. To gain benefits from such free trade movement, Thailand has to prepare its human resource and management system which is trustworthy for investor in order to respond to free trade movement in the framework of ASEAN Economic Community. This should be in compliance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E.2550 which prescribes that a person has the right to security in respect of safety and welfare at work, including security in the living both during the work life and upon leaving the state of employment (Section 44), and the main government policy is to promote jobs for the working-age population, protect child and woman labour, organize labour relations and the tripartite system under which employees may elect their representatives, organize the social security system and provide protection to the effect that employees doing the work of the same value should receive fair remuneration, fringe benefits and welfare without discrimination (Section 84, paragraph 7).

Department of Labour Protection and Welfare
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